Brad Stark, Compliance Manager, and Tiffany Kryder, Operations Manager

Sheaff Brock Welcomes Two to its Professional Staff

"Making sure everything is safe, secure, and suitable for our clients" is the way Brad Stark, new Compliance Manager at Sheaff Brock, describes his mission. A seasoned professional, Stark brings to his new role more than two decades of experience in financial trading, research, and interpretation of regulations. His impressive resume includes administrative positions with Graydon Compliance services, Bedel Financial Consulting, AIG Advisor Group, and Dinsmore Compliance Services. Because his responsibilities have often included participating in investment committees and [...]

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Intellectually and Emotionally, Investors Wear Different Eyeglasses

"Intellectually, we all know that, over time, the stock market goes up," says Sheaff Brock Managing Director Dave Gilreath (as well he might, looking back over no less than four decades in wealth management). In fact, a chart (shown below) of S&P 500 returns over the past 40 years shows "mostly good years mixed in with a few scary ones." Of course, few clients look at their investment account statements only once per year, Gilreath admits; a chart showing quarterly, [...]

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Amidst Waves of Smart-Sounding Terminology, Keep Swimming

"When financial talking heads spew out a word salad of unusual terms, it makes them sound almost undoubtable," admits Sheaff Brock Managing Director Dave Gilreath. Next to market mavens using terms such as “quantitative tightening,” “yield-curve inversion,” “reversion-to-the-mean,” “earnings drought,” and “Fibonacci lines,” with the negativity backed up with oceans of data, it can be hard to keep the faith. But faith, Gilreath explains, is precisely what bullish investment folks rely on—faith in corporate resilience, human ingenuity, and the [...]

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When Diversifying Has Too Many Downsides

Strategies for Concentrated Equity Positions Part One: Covered Calls Whether through love or happenstance, like many investors, you may have ended up with a very large investment position in one company or in several companies within the same industry. Perhaps you received stock from an employer as part of your retirement package. You might have inherited shares from a beloved family member. You might have intentionally built a big position in the shares of a company you admire. Whatever the reason [...]

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A Bad Start, But We’ve Been Here—And Worse—Before

There's something familiar about all this…haven't we been here before? Wait a minute….all these things are familiar—the war, the inflation, the economy, the politics, the societal unrest…. Indeed, we have been here, four decades ago, for example. In fact, Sheaff Brock Managing Director Dave Gilreath was there, 40 years ago. And, after more than forty years in the business of investment management, he's decided it's all about perspective. 40 years ago? Double digit inflation.40 years ago? Interest rates in the teens. [...]

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Value Stocks Could Hit the Comeback Trail

“Already, some small cap value stocks are outperforming the broader category of small caps,” observes Sheaff Brock Managing Partner Dave Gilreath. There are various indications, Gilreath adds, that the long period in which growth stocks dominated the stock market may be moving towards an end. Growth vs. value With both growth and value stocks, there is an expectation that, over time, they will outperform the overall market, but the two types of stock don't tend to do that at the same [...]

REITs Help Relieve Inflation Fears

According to (the worldwide membership organization for real estate companies), REIT dividends have outpaced inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index in all but two of the last twenty years. What's more, Nareit authors add, while real estate investment trusts have not proven to be the only inflation hedge, “their comparatively low correlation with other assets also makes them an excellent portfolio diversifier that can help reduce overall portfolio risk and increase returns.” To be sure, inflation is [...]

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Real Estate in Recovery Mode Plus

Portfolio Manager JR Humphreys ends every presentation with a reminder that real estate is an asset class that “has everything to offer,” including the potential for both rising dividend yields and capital appreciation. Inflation? Real estate investments serve as a hedge, Humphreys explains—as the cost to replace structures rises, the value of existing buildings goes up. Portfolio Manager JR Humphreys ends every presentation with a reminder that real estate is an asset class that “has everything to offer,” including the [...]

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On the Tail of a Black Swan, Market Trends to “Normal”

As far as black swan events go, the COVID-19 pandemic would certainly qualify for the title. Back in a 2007 book, finance professor Nassim Nicolas Taleb used the phrase “black swans” to describe very rare and impactful events that could not have been predicted. In terms of the stock market, Taleb characterized the 2008 financial crisis as a black swan event. While many consider the 2020 pandemic to be a second example of a black swan event, Taleb believes the [...]

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Where Have All the Workers Gone?

“Millions are out of a job. Yet some employers wonder: Why can’t I find workers?” reads a recent NPR Morning Edition headline. Post-COVID, some industries are thriving and eager to hire. After the loss of 22 million jobs over the course of the pandemic, with only a little over half of those since recovered, one would think that workers would be clamoring to fill those remaining employment openings. Employers are certainly looking to hire; NPR cites Labor Department statistics [...]