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Brad Stark, Compliance Manager, and Tiffany Kryder, Operations Manager

Sheaff Brock Welcomes Two to its Professional Staff

"Making sure everything is safe, secure, and suitable for our clients" is the way Brad Stark, new Compliance Manager at Sheaff Brock, describes his mission. A seasoned professional, Stark brings to his new role more than two decades of experience in financial trading, research, and interpretation of regulations. His impressive resume includes administrative positions with Graydon Compliance services, Bedel Financial Consulting, AIG Advisor Group, and Dinsmore Compliance Services. Because his responsibilities have often included participating in investment committees and [...]

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Intellectually and Emotionally, Investors Wear Different Eyeglasses

"Intellectually, we all know that, over time, the stock market goes up," says Sheaff Brock Managing Director Dave Gilreath (as well he might, looking back over no less than four decades in wealth management). In fact, a chart (shown below) of S&P 500 returns over the past 40 years shows "mostly good years mixed in with a few scary ones." Of course, few clients look at their investment account statements only once per year, Gilreath admits; a chart showing quarterly, [...]