Building All Aspects of Gameday Strategy

Sheaff Brock Investment Advisors | portfolio managers offer offense, defense, and special teams for investors

Building All Aspects of Gameday Strategy

Like a well-run football team, portfolio managers should consider offering long-term investors all three facets of game strategy: offense, defense, and special teams.

Marv Levy, former head coach of the Buffalo Bills who led the team to an unprecedented four consecutive Super Bowl appearances, explained, “There’s these parts to football—offense, defense, and special teams. You’d no more ignore special teams than you would ignore offense and defense.”

He further defined these three different areas of focus, which are all going on at the same time:

  1. The offense is focused on scoring points; growing the point total throughout the game.
  2. The defense is focused on protecting the goal line.
  3. Special teams offer the opportunity to gain better field position and take advantage of special situations.

Sheaff Brock has found that different investors can seek different proportions of three investment goals:

  • growth in principal
  • consistent income from dividends
  • income stream growth

In order to help satisfy these needs, Sheaff Brock offers different portfolio options.

For growth:

For income and income stream growth:

For special situations:

In all our stock portfolios, we are alert to special situations that affect the value of a company’s stock. Even when the underlying fundamentals of a stock might not pass the typical value-investing criteria, the special situation can itself provide a nice opportunity for investors to potentially profit.

In football, offensive quality control will chart the upcoming teams’ defense for various down and distance situations, field positions and how many times they use particular personnel groupings; and they’ll set their offensive plays accordingly. Defensive quality control will do a similar analysis. And special teams QC will determine which players to use and how best to leverage their skills within game day conditions for special situations such as kickoffs and punts.

Like the managers of a well-run football team, our Sheaff Brock portfolio managers aim to offer long-term investors all three facets of game strategy: offense, defense, and special teams.

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