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A Bad Start, But We’ve Been Here—And Worse—Before

There's something familiar about all this…haven't we been here before? Wait a minute….all these things are familiar—the war, the inflation, the economy, the politics, the societal unrest…. Indeed, we have been here, four decades ago, for example. In fact, Sheaff Brock Managing Director Dave Gilreath was there, 40 years ago. And, after more than forty years in the business of investment management, he's decided it's all about perspective. 40 years ago? Double digit inflation.40 years ago? Interest rates in the teens. [...]

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Market Bubbles and the Big Picture

A basic characteristic of financial bubbles, Troy Segal wrote recently in Investopedia, is the suspension of disbelief while a speculative stock price surge is happening. It’s only after a bubble has burst that it is recognized, much to investors’ chagrin. The term “bubble” itself refers to a situation in which a stock, or even the entire stock market, exceeds its fundamental value by a large margin, Segal explains. There’s no doubt that the advent of commission-free investing apps such as [...]