UN-Emotional Investing

emotion vs logic balance for the emotional investor | Sheaff Brock

UN-Emotional Investing

Sheaff Brock’s September Knowledge Builder webinar discussed how our emotions can often times drive irrational investment decisions. We were happy to see so many of our regular monthly participants in September. This month’s topic generated a lot of personal interest, so we welcomed several new attendees, as well!

Our guest speaker last month was Jay Mooreland, MS, CFP,® The Emotional Investor. Experienced in behavioral finance, Jay is the author of an Amazon best-selling book titled, The Emotional Investor: How Biases Influence Our Investment Decisions, and What You Can Do About It. Jay walked our webinar audience through an exercise in Self Discovery, reinforcing that many of our investment decisions are shaped by our particular preferences, and how the decisions we make every day—and the emotions that drive those decisions—can have significant impact on our success as investors.

Jay presented significant evidence that, as humans, we are “hard wired.” It is in our DNA to be challenged when it comes to investing since basic human nature is prone to fall victim to acting emotionally—not a good state for rational, objective decision-making.

The presentation concluded with ideas on how to lessen these emotions and our “human nature” tendencies, which can be detrimental to successful investing.

The best way to overcome those challenges? Think long term and stay focused on a disciplined plan.

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